Cisco Perspective @ Everything IoT inaugural Summit

/Cisco Perspective @ Everything IoT inaugural Summit

Cisco’s perspective 

Insights From Everything IoT inaugural Summit

By: Eitan Bienstock

You can’t win the race unless you instrument

Hundred of sensors collect live data that is being crushed and analysed on the fly to provide real time predictive analysis to optimise the outcome of a given situation. One example is in a Formula One race where the data collected is analysed and matched against pre-set scenarios (simulation) and then provide real time instruction to the mechanics in the pit stop on what tyres to put on and how much fuel need to be added to win the race (open loop). You can’t win the race anymore in any industry unless you instrument. So the question is how do we win the race. How can we win the race in terms of the Australian economy in terms of Government in terms of any Industry you wish. We can’t just do it anymore with just the human brain.

Moving from human scale to machine scale

We are now in an inflection point,  as we are entering the third wave of the Internet we are moving from human scale to machine scale, where most things were done using the human brain to most things being done using computers. Already there are more things connected to the internet than humans and by 2020 Cisco predicts that 50 billion devices will be connected to the internet. Transformative change happens when you impact people and processes. A GE jet engine has 200 sensors transmitting huge amount of real data to the data centre and then get back real time optimisation instructions to improve the engine performance mid flight (close loop). At the same time, a sensors can pick up a certain part of the engine that is at the end of its life and send and instruction to the technician at the next stop to change that specific part at the next stop over. This is in line with GE vision of zero down time. We get a transformative change when we start bringing together the impact on people together with the impact on processes. Humans are only involved as an exception. Things changing processes impacting people.

We are instrumenting the earth – The Internet of Everything

Security is the underlying enabler for IoT. The numbers are mind blowing. The total value of IoT to public and private sectors are predicted by McKinsey to be  11 trillion dollars annually by 2025. So where are the opportunities where the relevance and usefulness come together? An example in the healthcare sector where a small company out of the UK called Proteus developed a tiny silicon that goes into a pill and transmits to the healthcare provider (through the patient phone) that the pills has been swollen. This small development can help reduce the 290 billion dollars spent annually by the American healthcare system only because people don’t take their medications.

The potential is huge and Australia is pushing the envelope in IoT adoption

There is more in IoT than in IT in order of magnitude. IT typically influence the internal operation of the organisation where IoT has the potential to completely change the way a company operate externally. Australia is the second largest company in terms of IoT sales for Cisco in the world.

The age of distributed computing is here

Fog computing is bringing the cloud and lowering it to the earth to enable computing at the machine level. There is a lot of computing power all around us and while we are instrumenting the world, 40% of the data will never go to the cloud. This is necessary as there is not enough bandwidth to transmit the huge amount of the data to the cloud and back. An example is a small South Korean company that enable the transmission of normal resolution video out of hundreds of cameras to a central location while providing a high resolution video only from the areas of interest per controller real time instructions. There are also examples where the latency is going to affect real time critical decision making as is the case with autonomous cars.


Kevin Bloch, CTO Cisco Australia and New Zealand
@ Everything IoT Summit 2015 Kevin Bloch, Everything IoT Your Tube Channel 

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11-12 October 2017, Australian Technology Park, Sydney.

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