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Supporting Startups & Entrepreneurs

We propel Australian innovation in the IoT space through the creation of an enduring community of IoT pioneers, enthusiasts, practitioners and implementers.

We encourage continuous collaboration and knowledge sharing in the common pursuit of supporting IoT innovation shaping the future of the biggest wave of technological innovation in Australia.

Today’s more than ever the success of startups and corporates lies in the ability to collaborate and complement each other skills. Everything IoT is committed to bring these two groups together and specifically support IoT startups by providing exposure, connections and funding opportunities.

During our events, we provide IoT startups the opportunity to showcase their innovative technology by presenting, participating in panel discussions and demoing their products.

The next opportunity will be at the Everything IoT Global Leadership Summit 2018.



With activities and strong connections in Australia, Israel, Singapore and the US, we propel IoT innovation by connecting startups with investors such as Corporates Ventures Capital units (CVC), Venture Capital Firms (VC’s) and Angel Investors.

We provide startups with advice and mentoring and assist in preparing for  capital raise. We introduce startups to value add investors that are looking for IoT innovations in particular areas.

We also help startups with global distribution particularly in Australia, the US and South East Asia.



HeadSafeIP – Winner Everything IoT Star-Up 2017

Concussion Diagnosis

Established in 1987, HeadSafe is the concussion program of Necksafe Ltd, an Australian not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the prevention of head injuries through awareness, advocacy, education and research. Headsafe offers face to face and online training programs which focus on the acute management of head injuries both on and off the playing field; free resources (below) for players of all ages and worldwide academic collaborations in concussion research.

Parkam – 2nd place Everything IoT Star-Up 2017

Smart Parking Solutions
ParKam was formed to deliver a unique holistic solution to resolve the acute ever-growing problem of parking in large parking complexes and busy metro areas. Our innovative solution is based on Real-Time Computer vision. In order to find the best available parking spot, we use our innovative proprietary algorithms that process footage from simple cameras that are already installed, each camera can cover up to 100 parking spots.

GoFar – 3rd place Everything IoT Star-Up 2017

Make your car smart
GOFAR is a connected car device that’s designed for drivers.
GOFAR empowers drivers with data, saving them time and money.
GOFAR makes driver logbooks easy. We cut the cost and hassle of maintenance. We save fuel and improve safety.

Factory One

Factories that Think
Today factories consume half of the world’s energy, a quarter of the world’s water and produce three quarters of all solid waste. Our vision is a world where factories can think: identifying opportunities to become more efficient, selecting how to source and use energy dynamically, and are self-regulating. With Factoryone, tomorrow’s factories will produce benefits for the world, without the waste.


Farms monitoring
Wildeye is a farm monitoring solution designed to help farmers manage their water use and improve their yield. Tiny and robust wildeye IOT sensors measure soil moisture, irrigation use and microclimate conditions to help farmers take the guesswork out of farming. Wildeye is a fast growing IOT Agtech company with operations in Australia, California and New Zealand and tens of thousands of devices delivered worldwide.

Smart Paddock

Cattle Tracking
Smart Paddock is a platform for cattle farmers to remotely track and monitor the health and location of their herds 24 hours a day.  The system uses small, multi-sensor ear tags which send the data over a long range wireless network to the farmer’s smartphone or computer.

Smart Elements

Telemetry Solutions
Smart Elements is a complete telemetry solution for farms, offering super long range and long battery life communications for thousands of different sensors. Installation is plug’n’play, and then instantly access your sensor data with simple, elegant online dashboards, or via a secure API.


IoT integration platform
Reekoh is the leading open integration platform purpose-built for the Internet of Things and recently named a Gartner 2017 Cool Vendor in IoT. Using Reekoh’s Open Plugin framework, data workflow design tools and best-of-breed components, Reekoh customers can significantly reduce complexity, time and cost for IoT projects, products and solutions.


Mobile soil analysis platform
FarmLab gives farmers and agronomists a mobile platform to track and analyse their soils. The platform lets users request a soil test, analyse the results and produce reports. By aggregating soil ‘big’ data across Australia, FarmLab provides valuable insights around improving soil health and maximising land productivity.

Crosser Technologies

Crosser – binging the Cloud closer to the THINGS
The Crosser Fog Computing solution enables realtime analytic and action close to the IoT sensors and devices. Providing substantial cost reductions and sub millisecond response times.  Ideally suited for Enterprise customers of various industries and applications including industrial IoT, healthcare, smart buildings and smart cities



ELANATION – Winner Everything IoT Star-Up 2016

FitBit meets Minecraft
Come explore Elanation’s virtual world community connected to outdoor sports equipment. Children use an avatar to access physical-digital games, competitions and inspiring video content. Elanation won Best Consumer Lifestyle Technology Startup International at OTEC, Beijing 2016 and successfully closed its seed capital raise. It is currently collaborating with brands such as Australian Rugby Sevens and Sabre Norris for their Australian launch. Pre-order your ETURBO armband for christmas today.

Briometrix – 2nd place Everything IoT Star-Up 2016

Mhealth devices and metrics for people who use wheelchairs.
Every year around 2 million people become new wheelchair users around the world. As the wheelchair is a sedentary device users decondition rapidly, resulting in high rates of obesity and poor heart health. In addition users are prone to immobilising shoulder injuries, and pressure sores that result in hospitalisation. Learning and maintaining correct propulsion technique and mastering wheelchair skills is vital to health and independence. We have wrapped a clinical device for propulsion analysis inside a consumer health and fitness wearable and designed it for people who use wheelchairs.

Myriota – 3rd place Everything IoT Star-Up 2016

Low cost, Small data, Satellite connectivity
Myriota has developed a new satellite communications platform to transmit small amounts of data at a very low cost. Myriota’s patented technology has been developed from the ground up to make critical data accessible and affordable. Myriota uses tiny low powered transmitters, small amounts of bandwidth, tiny low earth orbit satellites and clever signal processing software to transmit small amounts of data via satellite at previously unattainable prices.

The Safety Compass

Real time workplace safety through augmented reality
The Safety Compass provides frontline workers with real time, location specific workplace safety information through augmented reality and interactive site mapping. The Safety Compass presents vital information on present dangers straight to the worker’s phone, avoiding the necessity of bulky safety manuals to locate and manage risk. Using the phone’s inbuilt camera and GPS system, the app displays real and present dangers to the viewer that adapt and compensate for the viewer’s field of vision.


SenseAgent – Enterprise IoT Smart Building Solution
Levaux is the market leader for low latency, highly secure, massively scalable enterprise IoT applications with SenseAgent, a holistic smart building solution developed for the built environment. SenseAgent delivers value to Commercial Real Estate by Creating Intelligent Environments which are: more sustainable by minimising energy consumption, more valuable as property is efficiently utilised and more productive because people perform better in an optimal environment.


The leading open integration platform purpose-built for the IoT
Reekoh is the leading open enterprise integration platform, purpose-built for the IoT. Powered by the Plugin Store marketplace, Reekoh securely and intelligently integrates data from millions of devices with the largest collection of enterprise gateways, cloud platforms, tools and services.


Intelligent sensors for waste management
Smartsensor® is Australia’s smart waste management company with a vision of a “World without Waste”. We aim to achieve this by integrating technology into one of the world’s most inefficient industry’s; waste management. Through our network of rubbish bin sensors, Smartsensor® communicates bin locations and fullness levels to reduce both costs and collections, optimising waste collection and integrating dynamic waste routing worldwide.

Space Connect

Real-time office space utilisation & management using Ambient Intelligence.
Space Connect is changing the way the world interacts with office space. Using Ambient Intelligence through Bluetooth based iBeacons, Space Connect brings together people and office space to enable businesses to manage office space more effectively & automatically. This means a user can move around the office naturally and Space Connect will take care of the rest. Using algorithms, Space Connect can also predict future demand for space, ensuring office utilisation is always optimal.

Sky Grid

Software infrastructure to leverage IoT to solve complex problems
We provide software infrastructure so that businesses can leverage the Internet of Things to solve business problems, without needing to worry about the back-end implementation or risks associated with early IoT technology changes. Our technology stack makes it simple for businesses to deploy IoT solutions. Solutions running on our platform are used by our customers to improve their field operations and enhance their asset management program.

Agersens Pty Ltd

The worlds first Virtual Shepherd
“Agersens is developing “eShepherd” – the world’s first virtual shepherd. Using patented CSIRO IP this IoT system will enable farmers to fence, move and monitor their livestock using their smartphone or tablet. Farmers will be able to automate controlled grazing of their livestock – enabling increased scale while cutting costs to improve farm profitability, productivity and sustainability. eShepherd will also improve the health and welfare of livestock, provide a wildlife friendly, flood and fire proof method for preventing cattle from polluting rivers, or damaging land by overgrazing.”

Morse Micro

Ultra low power silicon chips for IoT
Morse Micro is a fabless semiconductor startup. We are developing silicon chips that will provide ultra-low power wireless internet connectivity to IoT devices.



LX Group

We’ve spent years preparing for your IoT product launch, so you don’t have to.
Our IoT hardware core significantly accelerates the development of commercial IoT projects. We licence our core into bespoke custom design projects for technology start-ups through to multinationals. We help organisations find IoT value within their own organisation, develop their own IoT product, or build an IoT prototype to raise capital. We have been involved in over 250 custom IoT products and projects.

Switch Automation

Connected Buildings. Smarter Operations. Better Business.
Switch Automation is the world’s first cloud-hosted Enterprise Operations Platform for managing buildings at a portfolio level. Switch Automation delivers its “software-as-a-service” (SaaS) platform through a flexible and scalable cloud-based global framework, hosted on Microsoft Azure infrastructure. We collect operational data and integrate all monitoring and metering devices and sub-systems to help decision makers manage and control their real estate operations; ultimately saving money and time.


Managed Apache Cassandra in the cloud.
Instaclustr provides a managed service and consulting and support services for the Apache Cassandra database. Cassandra is a perfect fit for Internet of Things deployments as it permits the storage of massive amounts of time-series data that comes directly from users, devices, sensors, and similar mechanisms that exist in a variety of geographic locations.

Eora 3D

High-Precision 3D scanning powered by a smartphone.
Entirely powered by a modern smartphone, and precise to sub-100 microns, the eora 3D scanner lets artists, makers and designers everywhere quickly transform everyday objects and surfaces into high-quality 3D Models. These 3D Models can then be used in 3D Printing, Game Design and Animation, high-precision measurement, and even VR. At eora 3D, our mission is to enrich our customers lives by helping them be creative in 3D.

Swyft Inc.

Improving value for brands and consumers in vending
Swyft natively connects technology such as mobile and web commerce with vending to improve the value for brands and consumers. We provide a smarter automated retail experience at vending economics by utilizing technology, such as demographic profiling for ad serving, or having Uber drivers deliver from a vending machine.


Making Flexible Work possible.
Both the job hunting and recruitment process can be slow, painful and inaccurate — but multiply that frustration by 10 when dealing in the flexible workforce. We’ve been there, done that and now we say, “Enough is enough!” Workible makes finding a job – or the perfect candidate – simple. No more posting resumes into the silent wastelands of job boards. No more wading through hundreds of irrelevant resumes. No more going through hundreds of job ads trying to find if just one matches your availability.

Forcite Helmet Systems

Smart helmet for Snow sports.
Forcite Helmet Systems builds helmets with integrated tech for different applications, such as snowsports, cycling and Motorcycling. The company has developed the world’s first smart helmet for snow sports called the Forcite alpine. It fully features a 4K camera system, 200m helmet to helmet communication, motion sensors, and GPS. The idea behind Forcite products is that users should be able to enhance their outdoor adventure sporting experience without having to attach bulky action cameras and other potentially dangerous after-market devices onto a helmet.

Pooled Energy

We are an energy company using new pool technology to help save our customers energy, chemicals and costs.
Pooled Energy Pty Ltd offers swimming pool owners and operators an integrated solution of advanced pool automation services and electricity. Our pool automation system is a unique technology designed to provide high quality water and a healthy swimming environment using minimal energy & chemicals. It has been developed over a 5 year period in a multi-million R&D program by Pooled Energy’s parent company, Efficiency Filters. Both Pooled Energy and Efficiency Filters are Australian owned, based and operated.


FitMachine – A Fitbit for Industrial Equipment
MOVUS are developing a “Fitbit” for industrial machines – a compact data collection and communications device, combined with powerful data analytics and a user-friendly dashboard application. The solution provides cost-effective remote condition monitoring and reporting from locomotives and construction machinery to smaller items such as generators, fans and pumps.


Wattcost brings homes to life by unlocking the intelligent voice in everyday household appliances.
Wattcost is pioneering technologies that simply transform with one consumer installable device, an entire household and its appliances into the contextually-aware smart energy home of the future.